Canvas Panels Pkt 2 25.4x30.5cm

62,000 ₫
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Product Details

General Usage
Canvas Panels offer an inexpensive painting support with the look of painting on canvas. Panels provide a sturdy, non-flexible surface and are great for painting outdoors as they are compact and easily transported. Canvas Panels are also less prone to damage than stretched canvases. Because of their sturdy construction they are also fantastic for collage techniques. Acrylic titanium primed and ready to be painted on, these Panels are suited for use by students through to professionals.

Acid free
3mm canvas wrapped board
Acrylic titanium primed
Sturdy construction
Warp resistant
Easily framed
8 great sizes
Shrink wrapped

Suitable for use with
Acrylic Paint
Oil Paint

Not suitable for use with
Poster Paint
Gouache Paint
Watercolour Paint