Pebeo 3D Coton Canvas 30x30cm

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Product Details

These Pebeo 3D Canvases are made from 100% natural raw linen that is 300gsm in weight, with a medium grain. They have been double coated in a universal clear primer, making the canvas suitable for oil and acrylic painting and mixed media applications.

Linen Canvas was the first fabric used for painting and still remains popular with artists today. It's natural qualities are strength, stability and longevity. Pebeo Linen Canvases are made with a high quality natural long fibres giving an excellent painting surface.

The deep edge frame on these canvases are 35mm wide. They can be painted and the artwork continued around the canvas frame to create a 3D piece of art. This means that it does not have to be framed and gives a contemporary feel to the painting.

The canvas is stapled over the back of the wooden frame so no staples can be seen. The stretchers / wooden frames are made from a high quality paulownia wood which is lighter than pine.

As these Linen Canvases are primed with a clear gesso, the natural raw linen surface can be used to create interesting backgrounds. These canvases are ready to paint on.