Professional Stencil Brush Set 12, 8, 4

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Product Details

General Usage
Professional Stencil Brushes are ideal for clean stencil application, dotting and creating interesting textures and patterns. They have short chungking bristles cut to a flat top and secured in a round, seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrule. 
The long, polished wooden handle ensures a comfortable grip. Mont Marte stencil brushes short, firm bristles lessen the possibility of paint getting under the stencil, making them the best tool for the job.

Size 4 is approx. 7.5mm
Size 8 is approx. 12mm
Size 12 is approx. 16.5mm

Long polished wooden handle
Nickel plated brass ferrule
Chungking bristles

Suitable for Use With
Oil Paints
Poster Paints