Pebeo 3D Coton Canvas 30x30cm

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The quality of a painting base plays a decisive role in the durability of a picture. Pébéo respects tradition, but also uses the latest technologies to develop its range of stretchers and painting bases for artists. All Pébéo canvasses are guaranteed unmixed.


Canvasses: the quality and appearance of a painting canvas depends greatly on the raw fabric selected :
- linen canvas : traditional product, inimitable appearance, known for its strength, stability and longevity.
- cotton canvas : economical base. Regular appearance with no knots or flashes. Its strength is due to its high weight.
- Ariane polyfiber canvas : new generation of polyester fiber. Very solid, insensitive to hygrometric variations. Ideal base for beginning or confirmed artists.
Diameter of the fiber: according to this diameter, canvasses have more or less a grainy relief. The choice of this relief influences the final aspect of the painting.
Coating: they are two types of coating : universal coating, suitable for all types of paints and oil coating, traditional and least used, for oil work purposes.
The coating of Pébéo canvasses is industrially made in several phases. After an impregnation layer (undercoat) are applyed the finishing layers. Formulated on the basis of a thermoplastic binder, these layers absorb shocks and deformations of the canvas, limit the risks of crackling and the phenomena of microcracking. Their semi-porosity allows the film to breathe and improves the adhesion of the future picturial layers.
It is also possible to coat the canvasses yourself with the One coat Gesso or the Studio Gesso : it can be fluidified with acrylic medium, applied with a painting knife or a brush and dries within 20 minutes. Clean the tools with soapy water.
Sizes: according to the work, numerous sizes are available :
- canvas on rolls, to be stretched by yourself on bare stretchers.
- canvas mounted stretchers: canvasses are nailed, from the centre towards the edges, with care to guarantee regular and uniform tension. Important fold-overs facilitate successive removal and replacement of canvasses. Keys adjust the tension of the canvas depending on the hygrometric conditions..
- canvas boards : canvas glued on thick cardboard, for sketching or for people who like rigid bases.
Portrait, landscape, seascape formats from number 0 to 120. European format from 18x24cm to 200x200cm. On request, all specific formats are available.
Extra-fine, fine, medium or strong linen; universal coating (oil coating on request). Same formats than the bare stretchers.
Linen, cotton and Ariane with medium grain ; universal coating. Same formats than the bare stretchers.
Canvas with thick sides that can be painted and give dimension to the work. Naturel linen canvas ; colourless coating. Coton canvas ; universal coating. Square formats, double square formats, triple square formats, quadruple square formats.